Thursday, 26 March 2015

March 2015 Review - Music Production, Podcast and Website Updating

This is my first post on setting goals for myself, so I'll do my best to talk you through them, and my reasons for concentrating on them instead of others. I'll also do a quick review on how this month has gone for me, and what I have been up to.

Hopefully it will be of interest to you, and if you are a music producer or DJ you may find some of it helpful.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

James Best - All The Best - Episode 10

It's the first in some time, but my latest episode of "All The Best" is now ready to play or download. The tracklisting is below, which includes a mixture of EDM, progressive house, techno, house, future house and a few chilled ones to finish with.

You can also listen on the player below..

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Website Changes

Welcome to the brand new website for James Best Music. I've changed from the previous host after quite a few years, so I'm rebuilding it from scratch. This is the reason for having quite an empty page right now.

I apologise to you if you have arrived here expecting everything the last website included, but within the next few weeks this site will provide so much more than before. This was the main reason that I wanted a change. It's all about providing a better experience for you.

I'll be constantly updating this, so I hope you will come back to see what improvements have been made.

New Music

I'm also currently working on a couple of new songs, and I want to be able to give them to people who have taken the time to come on here to see what I am about. In the next few days I'll be setting up a way of getting them to you for free. These won't be available for the whole world, just those that have visited my site. You have taken the time to visit, so you should get something in return.

All The Best Podcast

I will be starting my podcast "All The Best" once again, and all details of those will be on here very shortly. For now, if you would like to download any of my previous episodes, you can get them for free at James Best - All The Best Podcast.

If you would rather get them without going to iTunes, you can also get them at Podomatic, where they are free and you can subscribe to make sure you never miss any. The clue is in the title, but they will be filled with all the best tunes I can get my hands on, every month.

James Best Music Mailing List

If you have signed up to the mailing list on my previous page, don't worry, you will still receive updates from me. If not, I'll be getting it set up on here today or tomorrow, so please feel free to write down your email address before you leave the page.

Your email address will not be shared to anyone else, and you will only get emails when I have something to offer you. This will be in the form of mixes, podcast details, free tunes, remixes, bootlegs and mash ups, news of whats going plus a few other secrets I have up my sleeve, which I hope will benefit you.

I hope you understand, and will come back to the site to see how it is changing. I promise I will do everything that I can to make it worth your while..